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Changing the industry with unbeatable integrity

Ultimate Satellite Solutions was founded in 2015 by our CEO/Founder Mitch Bellinger who realized the local retailer industry needed to change. Many customers relied on small retailers for their service needs and where taken advantage of to fatten the pockets of retailers. That was when we decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and opened our doors. 


In 2015, we developed leading systems to provide customers with tailored, customized solutions based specifically off their needs and their budget. We partnered with service providers across the entire country to ensure we are able to do so. 

We do not have permanent store fronts but do attend county & state fairs as well as other festivals and events. However, we do have offices where customers can come to and experience first-hand the equipment and products we sell. Not being locked down to a permanent storefront allows us to be mobile, bringing solutions to our customers instead of customers coming to us. Thats right, you can remain in the comfort of our home with our new In-Home Specialist who will come to you! 


We urge you to contact us today and see why so many people choose Ultimate Satellite Solutions. We promise an amazing experience with unbeatable offers. Remember, we will never sacrifice our integrity for growth!

A promise of Integrity and unbeatable customer service!

One company, one call, we handle it all

Our CEO believes a solid foundation with strong pillars is the key to a successful business. Therfore, our pillars ar Honesty, Professionalism and Integrity. These key values are what everyone at Ultimate Satellite Solutions is following at all times. Why us? When you call into a service provider either through an 800 number, a store front location or online, how can you guarantee your gettng the best deal and not being over sold? We believe in customizing the perfect solution for our customers delivering only on what they need. We dont sell you add-ons or higher packages that you dont need or may never utilize. We recommend what we believe is best for your needs and budget. No hassling to buy add-ons or bigger service packages. 


We want to build a relationship with every customer where you are satisfied in your purchase decision and lean on us for all your service needs. Let's admit, it's always nice to just be able to lean on one person to handle the stress of purchasing services for you home. Lean on us to provide you a customized solution today and we promise, you will be satisfied you did! Remember, we promise to never sacrifise our integrity for growth!

Our leadership team is dedicated to inspire enthusiasm within our team and customers. We are here to energize our team, lead by example, and teach the team to provide the best customer experience.

Our teams core values are based on a customer-centric focus. Not only providing you with the best-in-class customer service but also entertainment.

Over the shoulder angle of a man speaking to a female AT&T service technician.


We encourage and base success off of the ability of our team and obey laws that prohibit discrimination anywhere we do business.

Two men, both employees of AT&T standing together witht their arms crossed while leaning against an AT&T service van.


We stand behind every job, every time. You can believe in our work ethic.

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Customer Service

We pledge to provide outstanding service each and every time you call upon us.

Our community is who we are, so in turn we love to give back. Check out a few of the local and national charities we are involved in below.

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