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Ultimate Satellite Solutions is your go-to resource for finding good TV and internet options available for your home. Whatever your needs, Ultimate Satellite Solutions is your community connection to the services your family needs to get the most out of all your devices. Whatever you love to watch and however you like to watch it, discover a better home entertainment experience by calling Ultimate Satellite Solutions – your local DIRECTV Dealer.

I worked with Santo today for the entire day. He was very friendly and extremely helpful with answering any questions about service and products that I had. He made the transition from one cell carrier to another seem as simple as saying “Let’s do this!” By going through Ultimate Satellite Solutions I have saved a TON of money on my cell phones and service as well as my internet service. I will say this…you will NOT be disappointed in any way by working with these guys. Thanks so much for an amazing experience and we will back again.

Lori Johnson

Mitch and his staff were very professional and personable. They were friendly and timely. They also made sure that if any questions were there that they were answered.

Jacob Atwell

Mitch is across from us at the Wattsburg Fair this week and I finally had a chance to speak with him about our smartphone needs. Currently we are split three ways with Verizon between the business, my girlfriend, and my parents and We’ve been looking to consolidate but prices have been outrageous with Verizon. After just a few moments of speaking to him I knew I was going to get a package catered specifically to my needs. He’s not there to BS you or to make a quick buck. He’s not selling a daily deal or a “Sign up now and get” scheme. Mitch deals in facts and lays out a plan that makes the most sense for your situation. I consider myself moderately tech savvy and any question i asked was responded to in detail. The man knows his stuff! Our conversation ended with an email quote and a “Here’s all the info take it back and talk to your family and let me know” There wasn’t a giant push to sign up right away. He does business right and you walk away feeling good and not like you just lost the shirt on your back. Definitely look forward to him handling your communication and tv needs.

Santo D’Amico

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